Exotic GraniteNature's Art in Your Home

Exotic Granite Collection

Blue Fantasy

Sinuous black waves revealing traces of blue, red, and beige minerals.

Black Galaxy

Featuring metallic 'stars' on a black canvas; capture a piece of the Milky Way in your home.

Blue Heaven

Nature's abstract painting; add a touch of bliss to your kitchen with this heavenly granite.

Bordeaux River

A sandy backdrop among clusters of dark freckles, with grand dashes of natural tones.

Ciannitus Metallica

Steaks of intertwined shades of grey with an overlay of chalky white.

Coffee Brown

A soothing blend of coffee-like tones with a charcoal background.

Exotic Florito

A rich and vivid dark brown background combined with beige and butterscotch flecks. Depth, warmth, and sophistication.

New Caledonia

Have a sky full of stars in this mystic blend of a black overlay with myriad of star like grey and silver speckles.

New Venetian

A splash of minerals for brown lovers! A fuse of brass, bronze and copper hues with an earthly grayish brown backdrop!

Ornamental Light

For a grand and sublime touch to your kitchen, this amazing ivory white granite with tiny, uneven lines and waves of brown.

Ornamental White

Enjoy the best of both worlds; dark and light shades in a resplendent interwoven pattern of white, greys and black.

Santa Cecilia

Add an earthly feel in your kitchen with this combination cacao and cinnamon brown on a dark brown drop with highlights.

Sienna Bordeaux

An airy and velvet look with this creamy beige granite top with dark and light hues blending seamlessly.

Splendour Cream

This granite top is like mouthwatering fudge ice cream with spoonfuls of creamy vanilla speckles and dark chocolate.

Steel Grey

A splendid pattern of dark and light grey mingling together beautifully with some tiny flecks of silver glowing like diamonds!

Surf Green

An exotic dazzling pattern of a grey surface blending with freckles of light green. For a unique and offbeat look.

Tan Brown

A dark brown background with exquisite rusty, reddish spots.


A sensational combination of a velvet creamy backdrop with marks of beige and coffee brown.

White Galaxy

This galaxy white granite with its pearl white overlay and scattered dark spots will add a lustrous and deep touch.

White Ice

Give your kitchen an edgy look with this combination of creamy and ivory white patches!

Exotic and dazzling beauty can now be a part of your kitchen. Treat your kitchen with a new premium granite worktop and enjoy its splendour for years to come.

When it comes to exotic kitchen worktops, granite is the leading choice. Its dazzling and enigmatic natural beauty, along with its hardwearing nature make it perfect for use in the kitchen.

This natural stone is the second strongest on earth, after diamond. It is an igneous stone that is found in the earth's magma. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that you cannot find two stones alike. Each piece has its own particular color and veining, which will add unmatchable beauty and elegance to any place. So if you appreciate natural beauty and you want to add a splash of luxury and mysticism, an exotic granite work surface will accentuate your kitchen design and décor.

High quality granite at low low prices

How can you spot a high quality in this natural stone? In order to be confident that you are making the right decision, you need to understand a little more about how it is processed to be able to determine its quality and compare it with its cost. Granite is first extracted from the earth in large chunks and then cut into slabs of different sizes and shapes. Each slab is different in its shape, color and veining. The cost is usually determined according to the rarity of the color and the clarity and smoothness of the surface.

Qualities of Granite

Granite is a strong and durable stone, which is why it is perfect for kitchen usage. It is scratch resistant and can stand very high temperature. So you can have a beautiful top that adds scenic sophistication to your kitchen and can stand all the vigor of a kitchen at the same time.

From selection to installation and beyond; we are with you every step of the way.

Granite4less lead the way in granite worktops. Our principle is delivering high quality products for less. We offer premium natural work surfaces at very affordable prices.

Our vast collection is available to see online and our team of specialists will help you through the whole process. If you need help in selecting the color or the pattern that matches with your kitchen style, they will be there for you giving their professional advice! Call us now on 0330 999 1 888 for a free quote or if you need a consultation.

If you're happy to go ahead we will proceed with our pioneering installation service. One of our team of expert stonemasons can visit your place, precisely measure, cut and install your new worktops in a day. Call us now and add the exotic and alluring beauty of granite into your kitchen!

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